Handpicked vintage treasures and for wildflowers, wallflowers, and everything in between.

Hello lovelies! I'm Claire. I started Olive + Sage in 2018 because I am passionate about finding beauty in an unexpected place. I love digging through piles of old clothes to find that one beautiful 1970's pair of flare leg jeans or that amazing lace dress someone's grandma wore on her wedding day. I love taking something with a story and giving it a new one by putting it in the hands of someone that will love and cherish it. I also think we need to do all we can to keep our earth healthy, and doing my part to pass along vintage clothing is a great way to reduce production and keep fast fashion out of the landfills. I hope that this shop brings you joy, and that the unique and beautiful items remind you that you too are, in fact, one of a kind.

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